Postseason Off Day Musings




Major League Baseball surprisingly announced the start times for the first three games of the Division Series Monday. I actually thought that MLB would wait until the outcome of the Wild Card game Tuesday night before any announcements would be made.  The start time for Game One on Thursday is dependent on the outcome of the Wild Card game, if the Yankees win then the game’s first pitch is scheduled for 4:07 pm and if the Astros win first pitch will go at 3:37 pm. Game two will go at 12:45pm on Friday and Game three on Sunday night in Texas will go at 8:10 pm.

There seemingly has been an awful lot of complaining about the start times by some fans but if any of them have paid attention in the past they would know that lots of Division Series games get scheduled for early afternoon and late afternoon starts. It’s also no shock that it’s the Networks call on the scheduling leaving the big US markets like New York in Los Angeles in the Prime time slot. Even in the World Series years the Blue Jays had weekday afternoon starts during the ALCS so this really shouldn’t catch people off guard like it has. And if your looking for a good excuse note to get out of work the Blue Jays VP of Business Stephen Brooks had this beauty of a tweet this afternoon to help you out.


Everyone get all their complaining of John Gibbons handling of the line-ups and starting pitchers the last few days out of their system? You would never known the Blue Jays had won the division with the amount of ugliness that became of Blue Jays twitter on Thursday and then again on Sunday as Gibby was vilified by his critics for giving Mark Buehrle the start yesterday. Just imagine the outrage that would have happened if a star player had gotten hurt on Thursday playing in the crappy conditions in Baltimore. Once the Blue Jays clinched it was the right move to make sure that the players were rested and ready to go for the playoffs. As for the decision to start Buehrle, I didn’t have an issue with trying to get him his 200 innings, Buehrle is very well respected in the clubhouse and the it meant a lot to the players in that room that Gibby gave Buerhle the chance to get to 200. It didn’t work out but in the end it was still the right move, and a classy one at that. Just remember, if Buehrle hadn’t got the start it would have went to Drew Hutchison and we all know how he pitched in the month of September.

So lets all calm down and get ready to enjoy the Division Series, the Blue Jays won the East!

Playoff Time; A Look At The Potential Playoff Roster

Kim Klement - USA Today Sports

Kim Klement – USA Today Sports



The Blue Jays regular season is now a finality and the focus is now shifting towards the Blue Jays playoff opener at the Dome against the AL West Champion Texas Rangers.

The Blue Jays have until Thursday morning at 10 to release their playoff roster of 25 players, and even though they haven’t announced anything yet, they have dropped plenty of hints. Barry Davis had a tweet yesterday saying that the Blue Jays were only going to put 11 pitchers on the roster. We also know that Mark Buehrle will not be on the playoff roster after he confirmed after the game in Tampa that he was told that he wouldn’t be by John Gibbons.

Here is what I think the roster will look like.


David Price

Marcus Stroman

R.A Dickey

Marco Estrada

Liam Hendricks

LaTroy Hawkins

Mark Lowe

Aaron Sanchez

Brett Cecil

Roberto Osuna

Ryan Tepera

Position Players

Ben Revere

Josh Donaldson

Jose Bautista

Edwin Encarnacion

Justin Smoak

Russell Martin

Troy Tulowitzki

Kevin Pillar

Ryan Goins


Chris Collabello

Dioner Navarro

Cliff Pennington

Ezequiel Carrera

Dalton Pompey

It wasn’t an easy decision to make on who should be the eleventh pitcher on the roster but looking at the candidates it was easy to look at their body of work over the season and make the decision from there. Buehrle hasn’t pitched out of the bullpen since he was a rookie and with his ailing shoulder and his lack of opponents swinging strike rates, only 3 percent in the second half of season, there is no way anyone can justify putting him on the playoff roster. Drew Hutchison pitched himself off the playoff roster in September and even without his awful September he probably doesn’t make it. Aaron Loup is another who had a rough year, the main argument is going to be though that the Jays need another lefty in the pen, yes, another lefty wouldn’t hurt but Loup’s number against lefty’s isn’t much to write home about as lefty’s slash 279/347/368 and have a BABIP of .388. The reason I think Tepera makes it is solely because of his reverse splits when he faces lefthanders as they slash 126/243/263 with a BABIP of .113, looking at those numbers alone the decision should be a slam dunk.

When it comes to who makes the roster off the bench it was a bonus that the Blue Jays are only going to carry eleven pitcher as it gives them flexibility when it comes to how they want the bench to look. Collabello could easily be used as solely a pinch hitter or he can platoon at first with Smoak, although I imagine that they’ll start Smoak at first over Collabello on his defence alone. Navarro will be used off the bench as a pinch hitter and from reading between the lines of some of Gibby’s interviews over the last week will catch Marco Estrada in the playoffs. Carrera will be the teams fourth outfielder, while Dalton Pompey will probably only be used as a pinch runner, as for Cliff Pennington he will be used as a late inning defensive replacement, most likely after Ryan Goins has been lifted for a pinch hitter late in a game.

It should be interesting to see just what the playoff roster will look like when it does get released, but I have a pretty good feeling it’ll be awfully darn close to the one I just listed here.


A Tribute to “Papa” Buehrle




As Mark Buehrle walked off the mound in the bottom of the seventh inning Friday night in Tampa, it very well could mark the last time he walks off a Major League Field. Buehrle would pick up his 15th win of the season as the Blue Jays.

Buehrle has now thrown 198 innings on the year leaving him two innings short of extending his streak of 200 innings pitched to 15 seasons. There is a slight possibility that the Blue Jays could let Buerhle start Sunday’s regular season finale in Tampa to get those two innings in, but the Blue Jays would most likely only do that if the have home field advantage throughout the playoffs wrapped up.

For the past 15 seasons Buehrle has never missed a start due to a stint on the disabled list and with the exception of this season for the moment has gone out and pitched 200 plus innings. In this day and age of injuries and the every day grind having a pitcher being able to achieve 16 seasons in the big leagues without ever landing on the DL due to injury is an astonishing achievement to me.

Buehrle has come along way since first getting his shot in the Big Leagues with the Chicago White Sox, working out of the bullpen in 2000 getting his first taste of playoff experience that year too as the White Sox won the AL Central before getting bounced in the first round by Seattle.

The next season he made the rotation and started his streak of 200 plus inning seasons. Buehrle would win 16 games in his first full season in Chicago and would make his first All-Star appearance in 2002. Buehrle, who wasn’t blessed with a blazing fastball topped out around 90-91 miles per hour in his early years in the Majors quickly made a name for himself as a workhorse and always has prided himself as being a quick worker. Buehrle is usually at the top of the list every season for quickest times between pitches.

Buehrle would go on to be apart of a World Series team with the White Sox in 2005, Buehrle picked up the save in the World Series clinching game that season against the Houston Astros. Buehrle was also a part of  baseball history with his days with the White Sox he pitched a no hitter against the Detroit Tigers in 2007 and adding a perfect game in 2009 against Tampa to his career achievements. In all Buehrle has been named an All-Star five times during his career, including last year his only time as a Blue Jay. Buehrle also has won four gold gloves.

Buehrle left Chicago as a free agent at the end of the 2011 season and signed a four year deal with the Miami Marlins that off-season. Buehrle’s time as a Marlin lasted all of one year before he was dealt to the Blue Jays as part of “The Deal” in November 2012.

I’ll be completely honest here, when the deal was made with Miami, I like most other Blue Jays fans were much more interested as in Josh Johnson. Johnson was the guy with plus stuff that everyone thought would lead the Blue Jays into the playoffs that next year, all I knew about Buehrle was that he was a soft tossing lefty that had enjoyed a ton of success in Chicago and that he and his wife owned a pit bull that thanks to Ontario’s pit bull ban was not welcomed in Toronto.

I give Buehrle a ton of credit though, he was a total professional about it as his family stayed in his hometown of St.Louis during the season while he was in Toronto and never once did it ever come up during his time in Toronto.

His start as a Blue Jay didn’t go so well as he had a more down than up April. There was that game in Tampa in early May that year where he gave up seven runs in the third inning as the Blue Jays fell behind 7-0, but he stayed in the game and gave the Blue Jays a chance to stay in the game as they would come back and win the game on a J.P Arencibia home run in the top of the ninth inning to win 8-7. From that point on that season he pitched well and carried that over into last season and for the most part this season.

But the biggest thing to me about Mark Buehrle goes beyond his stat line and what he does on the mound, it’s the leadership that he has shown during his time in Toronto. He’s a quiet guy that goes about his business and leads by example and is not your typical rah rah guy in the clubhouse. Drew Hutchison, whose locker was next to Buehrle last year, said he learned a ton just by watching Buehrle go about his work and preparation for a start.

It wasn’t as well known until last season when he took the rookies under his wing and became their mentors. There was the publicized shopping trip to fit a few of the rookies with a good suit, but there was more to it than that. Buehrle remembered when he was a rookie in Chicago and how there were a few veterans on that White Sox team that had no problem leading him down the wrong path and making his transition to the big leagues a tough one, he vowed that he would never be like that. He’s forged a strong friendship with Marcus Stroman, who has taken to calling him Papa Buehrle. Even while Stroman was undergoing his rehab this season away from the team he would always text Buerhle after every start. Buehrle also has been open with the young guys on the team letting them know if they ever have a question about anything that they can ask him and he’ll be more than happy to help guide them along.

Buehrle is well respected and loved by his younger teammates, the first one to greet him in the dugout after he came out of the game Friday night was Marcus Stroman who embraced him with a hug. Stroman also sent out this tweet after the game tonight.

Kevin Pillar added this.

There is a pretty good chance that Buehrle doesn’t make the post season roster and that won’t be an easy thing for John Gibbons to tell him that, the fact that Buerhle is a professional and has been around the block long enough to know and even admitted last Sunday that his career resume shouldn’t be a factor in the decision. The only thing that should matter is who are the best four that are pitching the best at the time and he gets it. But let it not be forgotten that the stretch of starts Buehrle had from May to late July, he was the best Blue Jay starter and I honestly don’t believe they win the division without his contributions to this team.

Buehrle’s experience being involved with pennant races also helped his teammates down the stretch as after games he was the one that would order the clubhouse guys to make sure that anything other than baseball was on the clubhouse televisions as he didn’t want his teammates to focus on what the Yankees were doing, and to only focus on what they could control and focus on the task at hand in winning the division. Buehrle is also one not to revel in the spotlight. When the Blue Jays clinched a playoff spot it was reported that he made a sandwich and stayed in the background for the celebration.

If indeed Friday night was Mark Buehrle’s last start not just as a Blue Jay but as a Major League pitcher I would like to wish Buehrle congratulations on a great career and best wishes in his retirement.

Also thanks for the three years that he gave the Blue Jays where he quickly became a fan favourite and a joy to watch pitch. A true class act, And in the end Cee Angi was right about how Blue Jays fans would love Buerhle.




Thursday Night Notebook


The Blue Jays finished up their four game series in Baltimore by dropping a 6-4 decision to the Orioles. The Blue Jays fielded their “B” team. The Blue Jays plan to play their regular line-up when they start their three game series in Tampa Friday night.


There seems to have been quite the backlash about John Gibbons electing to rest his regulars two games in a row instead of keeping the pedal down and going for the top spot in the American League and having homefield advantage throughout. I agree on how Gibby handled it, the weather situation in Baltimore dealt the Jays a raw hand to begin with. The plan all along was if the Jays won the first game they would rest their starters in game two, makes sense, especially if the division is clinched you don’t want to be stuck having your starters have to play two games in one day especially this late in the season. I also don’t mind the way things were handled Thursday with the Jays running out the same “B” squad line-up. With the not so wonderful forecast pushing the game up till noon it was going to be a no brainer that Gibby wasn’t going to play his regulars. It became even more apparent why he didn’t when the game started in a steady rainfall. It’s not worth risking an injury at this point in the year playing a game against a team that is long out of it this close to the playoffs when they have the division clinched.

Here’s the other point to think about. Lets say for argument’s sake that the Royals and Blue Jays have the same record going into the weekend, the Blue Jays hold the tiebreaker because they won the season series with the Royals. So in essence the Jays hold a one game lead on the Royals. If the Jays win two of three in Tampa this weekend the Royals would have to sweep the Twins, let’s also not forget that the Twins are only a game out of the wild card spot in the AL so it’s not like they’re not playing for anything.

It should also be noted that because the American League won the All-Star game having the homefield advantage only applies to the ALCS and that still would only matter if the Royals made it and didn’t get bounced in the first round, with the way they’ve played in September that’s not totally out of the realm of possibilities either.


It looks like the Blue Jays will have Troy Tulowitzki back in the lineup as early as Saturday. Tulo will face live pitching during a simulated game on Friday in Tampa, if all goes well the plan is to have Tulo play on Saturday in Tampa. With the AL East now wrapped up the Blue Jays have also announced that David Price’s next start will be the ALDS opener in Toronto next Thursday. Price is scheduled to throw in the simulated game in Tampa tomorrow to keep him ready for the playoff opener on next week.


Well, it didn’t take long for Roger to find away to make some profit on last night’s celebrations in Baltimore. A champagne bottle and one of the corks are now up for auction on the teams website. The current bid for the champagne bottle is currently at $210.00. The current bid for the cork is $55.00



For the first time since 1993 the Blue Jays are American League East Champions. A year after watching the Orioles celebrate a division title, the Blue Jays returned the favor Wednesday afternoon the only way they know how, they bludgeoned the O’s 15-2 to capture the franchise sixth division title.

It was also fitting that the man to start the clinching game for the Blue Jays, wasn’t even supposed to be here for this moment, but Marcus Stroman believed from the moment he got the news of his MCL injury in March he would be back in September. Props to Stroman for all of the hard work he put in to get back on the field, but the more amazing part of it still has been just how good he has been in his four starts in his return.

This season has been one for the ages for the Blue Jays and the fan base, for some this is their first taste of winning, for the older ones like I am, it brings back memories of 1992 and 1993 and gives us a chance to relive those feelings that seemed like a annual occurrence. Honestly most of us in the older crowd were either too young to think anything of it at the time and we maybe took winning for granted and didn’t really get to enjoy the ride and savor the moments and victories along the way because at the time we always figured, that, hey there is always next year.

Well, that never did happen after 1993, sure there was the strike year of 1994 that wiped out the World Series and gave hope that the crappy 1994 season was just that and that the team would again contend again in 1995. The team was awful in 1995 and it entered the Blue Jays entrance into baseball post season abyss for the next 22 years.

Enjoy this division title, savor the fact that the Blue Jays are playing really really well as they head into the postseason. Enjoy the fact that David Price is a Blue Jay for the time being, enjoy watching the celebration videos if you haven’t had a chance too. More importantly, don’t think too far ahead, like beyond the end of this season, and just enjoy this ride as it comes. It’s been quite a ride these past two months if your a Blue Jay fan, never in most of out wildest dreams when the deal for Troy Tulowitzki was made did most of us think the division was a realistic goal, most of us were looking at the wild card while most of the Toronto baseball media even thought a wild card spot was risky given what they Blue Jays had to give up to make the deals.

What the moves at the deadline did was re-energize a team and give the players the belief that management and ownership were behind them, what has transpired in the past two months is almost unheard of.

The last thing to remember is that flags fly forever. And this Blue Jays team is poised to add even more banners to the rafters at the Rogers Centre next Spring. And now maybe we can talk about Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion like we’ve talked about Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar. And remember to enjoy and savor this run, you never know when the next one will be.

Blue Jays 5 Rays 4; Post Game Musings



Josh Donaldson helped cement his spot as the favorite for the AL MVP with not only his walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth, but his heads up play to tag  Mikie Mahtook trying to get back to third base. As for the home run that ended the game, it was Donaldson’s third walk-off home run of the season and it’s his seventh of their career.

Kevin Pillar has had a great homestand at the plate, as he collected two more hits including a game tying double in the eighth inning. In Pillar’s last five days alone he has had a WPA of 1.137 and with all the other sluggers on this team Pillar’s offensive numbers this week have for the most part flown under the radar. Pillar almost made another amazing diving grab in the first inning on Brandon Guyer’s lead off triple.

Justin Smoak had himself a day, he was 3 for 4 at the plate he had double in the first inning to drive in the first Jays run and his two run shot in the sixth inning set the table for the comeback.

Mark Buerhle didn’t have his best stuff today but was able to last six innings and keep the Blue Jays in the game. It was most likely his final home start as a Blue Jay. Buehrle is smart enough to know that he might not be on the playoff roster and he even said after the game that the Jays should put whoever is throwing the best on the playoff roster and not what they have done. During his three years with the Blue Jays he has been a mentor to the young pitchers on the team and has been one of the team leaders, he has also pitched well during his time as a Blue Jay. It should not also be lost on people that for the three years he has pitched in Toronto he has done so with his wife and kids at home in the US to stay with the family pit bulls because of Ontario’s pitbull ban. That in itself deserves some major props.

Sunday was the Blue Jays 27th sellout as they reached a season total of 2,784,891 they averaged 34,504 per game it was their highest attendance since 1995. They had 36 games of 40k plus and 53 games of 30k plus.


The Wait Is Over! The Blue Jays Are Headed To The Post Season!



It’s been 22 years since Joe Carter’s touch em all home run in 1993, and for the first time since then the Toronto Blue Jays After technically clinching a playoff spot late last night thanks to some people doing some mathematical equations, the Blue Jays celebrated in style this afternoon by winning a slug-fest over Tampa Bay 10-8.

The Blue Jays had a celebration in the clubhouse after the game, it wasn’t a super crazy type of celebration like you usually see when teams win something, the bigger celebration will happen when the Blue Jays are able to clinch the division. The division lead stands at four with eight games left.

Today’s win made the playoff clinching feel a little more real, seeing the celebration in the clubhouse it makes it feel like it’s more than just a dream, the dream the Blue Jay fans have allowed themselves to take part in since Alex Anthopoulos made the moves at the trade deadline. At the time of the deadline I think most Blue Jays fans thought realistically that the Wild Card was probably going to be the Jays shot at the postseason. At the time the Yankees were in first place eight games ahead of the Blue Jays.

This Blue Jays club gelled quickly and went on an 11 game win streak in early August and made up the eight game gap within two weeks. It should also be noted that many of us thought that if the Jays were to get back into the division picture it would be those thirteen games against the Yankees. The Blue Jays went 9-4 against the Yankees in those 13 games.

I’m happy for the fan base that had to endure 22 years of mediocrity, some of those years down right ugly, they had to endure some really crappy ownership. The 22 years without having meaningful September baseball. I’m happy for the three Blue Jays that were a part of this team pre 2012, Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and Brett Cecil. We won’t have to say anymore that we have wasted the productive years of their careers. Cecil, who came up as a starter showed a ton of promise and then struggled to stay in the big leagues and then resurrected his career in the bullpen and has become one of the Blue Jays best relievers.

I’m happy for John Gibbons, he was wrongly run out of town by then GM J.P Riccardi in 2008, and then took a ton of crap from of the fan base when AA brought him back in the fall of 2012, and when things quickly fell apart in 2013 the calls for his head, even early this season when it looked like things were headed for a downward spiral in late May there calls for Gibby to be let go. It was nice to see him in the postgame press conference seeing him with his small glass of champagne and being finally able to celebrate a victory.

I’m happy for Alex Anthopoulos who over the past couple of years had taken a lot of crap for not making moves at the deadline. Let’s not forget that AA was the one that took over the unenviable task of rebuilding the farm system that J.P Riccardi had left rather bare, he also made some great trades to restock the system and shed some rather large contracts along the way. He also did a great job of drafting and developing prospects. It was because of the development of these young prospects that the Jays were able to make the moves that they did at the deadline.

To clinch a postseason spot is nice, but the division is this teams main goal. When they do clinch the division it should be fun to see what this team does for an encore!

October baseball is going to be a real thing for the first time in 22 years, buckle up and enjoy it, it’s gonna be fun!

Blue Jays 4 Yankees 0; The StroShow



The StrowShow was well worth the price of admission on Wednesday night. Marcus Stroman’s start against the Yankees was arguably the biggest game of the year, or 22 years if you want to get technical, and with all the hype and expectations Stroman lived up to his StroShow billing as he pitched seven shutout innings allowing five hits striking out five while only walking one. Stroman made it look easy at times as his slider was excellent and he used it early and often. For a team that didn’t have an Ace in July it’s safe to say now they have two of them.

With Stroman’s return it undoubtedly gave the Blue Jays yet another Ace for their rotation and to me the way Stroman has pitched in his three starts he definitely will be on the potential playoff roster and to be totally honest my playoff rotation would look like Price for game one, Stroman for game two, Dickey in game three and Buehrle for game four. I would use Marco Estrada as the swing man out of the pen. The only reason I would do that is because Estrada has done that in the past, meanwhile Buehrle hasn’t worked out of the pen since 2000.

Russell Martin hit arguably the biggest home run this season for the Blue Jays as his three run homer in the bottom of the seventh inning iced the game away. Martin has definitely been worth every penny that he is getting paid this year, from working with the pitching staff to coming up with timely home runs. His postseason experience will come in handy for the Blue Jays this October.

Brett Cecil worked a scoreless eighth inning and has easily become the Blue Jays most reliable inning and has recorded some pretty huge outs for the Blue Jays, none bigger than his three strikeouts in Monday’s win over the Yankees. Cecil who had his rough patch in June, has been an absolute beast since then, and his curveball may be the filthiest in all of baseball.

Blue Jays 4 Yankees 2; David Freaking Price!




Alex Anthopoulos acquired David Price for games just like tonight.  And like every other start since he became a Blue Jay he did not disappoint. Price was dominant as he pitched seven shutout innings he allowed only two hits walking one while striking out seven. The only inning that the Yankees threatened when Price pitched was the third inning when Price escaped a bases loaded one out jam by striking out Alex Rodriguez and getting Brian McCann to pop out.

The Blue Jays were able to take advantage of Adam Warren and his Yankee teammates miscues in the first inning as they plated three runs in the first inning. Ben Revere led off the inning with a single, Josh Donaldson was hit with a pitch, Jose Bautista would hit a single to plate Revere, Donaldson and Bautista would move up on a wild pitch. Donaldson would score on a Encarnacion ground out. Justin Smoak would hit a double which would cash in Bautista. The Blue Jays offence would stay quiet until the seventh when they would add a run on a Russell Martin Sac Fly.

John Gibbons wasn’t messing around tonight as he pulled Aaron Sanchez after allowing the first two hitters to reach in the eighth inning. Brett Cecil was brilliant yet again, after allowing a single to Jacoby Ellsbury he struck out Brett Gardner, Rodriguez and McCann. I thought with the lefty heavy lineup that Gibby would have started the inning with Cecil. It does bring up the question though, is it time to re-evaluate Sanchez’s role in the bullpen? He may have gotten slightly unlucky on the groundball up the middle, but walking the first hitter he faced and then falling behind to Ackley didn’t help. With the way Mark Lowe has been pitching it is time to move him into higher leverage situations.

Roberto Osuna had a bounce back effort even though he did allow a home run in the ninth. I wouldn’t be to worried about it unlike some of the media members in Toronto that seemed to be awfully worried about the amount of home runs that Osuna has allowed. There have only been the two home runs that cost the Jays the lead , the other home runs didn’t matter to the outcome of the game.

Red Sox 4 Blue Jays 3; Post Game Musings



The good news is the Red Sox are leaving town and the Blue Jays will not have to see them again till next April.

The bad news, the Sox took two of three games from the Blue Jays this weekend.

Today it was defensive miscues that cost the Blue Jays as they committed three errors on the day, two of which were committed by pitchers and the third one they could have easily ruled a hit. Mark Buehrle had a throwing error in the fourth inning on a play where he would have been better off holding onto the ball, chances are the run would have scored later in the inning instead of scoring on the throwing error. The error that did cost the Jays was Brett Cecil’s fielding error in the eighth inning on Pablo Sandoval’s grounder. Cecil rushed to make the play and in the end didn’t end up making the play at all. Sandoval would later score on a sac-fly off of Mark Lowe.

There are some positives to take away from what was a disappointing weekend. The starting pitching looked good. Marcus Stroman was brilliant on Friday night, R.A Dickey pitched well enough to win and deserved a better fate than what he was dealt, and perhaps the most encouraging news was Mark Buehrle’s outing wasn’t all that bad. Buehrle had a Buehrle type outing he had some unfortunate bounces go against him but he was able to go six innings and he kept the Blue Jays in the game.

Dioner Navarro who came into the game swinging a hot bat recently got the Jays offence on the board with a two run home run in the second inning. How many Blue Jays fans are happy that Alex Anthopoulos didn’t trade him during the season? He’s become awfully valuable to the Blue Jays this season. I mean really, if the Jays had moved Navarro the Jays would have been stuck with Josh Thole.

Perhaps the most disappointing thing about the Blue Jays not scoring the tying run in the bottom of the ninth was not getting to see how the Blue Jays infield defence would have looked in the tenth inning. With Ryan Goins, Cliff Pennington and Darwin Barney all out of the game the Jays came awfully close to using Russell Martin at second, Martin, however was taken out for a pinch runner. John Gibbons admitted that the infield defence in the tenth would have been Munenori Kawasaki at second, Josh Donaldson at short and Jose Bautista would have come into play third base. How much fun would that have been to watch?

The Blue Jays did get one step closer to clinching a playoff berth despite the loss as the Minnesota Twins defeated the Los Angeles Angels. The Magic number to clinch a playoff spot is now down to five games.

The Blue Jays are going to catch a break for this upcoming series with the Yankees as Masahiro Tanaka has been scratched from Wednesday’s start with a hamstring strain. Ivan Nova, who the Jays crushed in New York last week will start in his place.


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