So Long Sergio! Blue Jays’ DFA Santos

Jesse Johnson, USA Today Sports

Jesse Johnson, USA Today Sports

After two and a half years and a ton of promise and hype the Toronto Blue Jays have DFA’d Sergio Santos and recalled left-handed relief pitcher Rob Rasmussen.

Although this tweet from Jamie Campbell leads me to believe that Santos might be back if he can get himself figured out.

Santos came onto the scene in 2012 after a off-season trade with the White Sox for Nestor Molina. Santos was anointed the team’s closer, he came advertised as a hard thrower with a devastating slider.

Santos didn’t last long in 2012, He had a rough start, blew his first save opportunity at home during the home opener and was booed off the field when then manager John Farrell took him out of the game. Weeks later his season was over.

Santos had shoulder inflammation in late April of the 2012 season and ended up missing the remainder of the season after undergoing shoulder surgery.

Last season he missed from mid April till the first of August with a forearm strain. When he did return he had easily his best stretch as a Blue Jay.

This season Santos started out as the closer when Casey Janssen was on the DL and it wasn’t pretty after a few blow ups the Jays went to a closer by committee till Janssen returned from the DL. Santos also went on the DL in May with a strained forearm. Santos returned to action in mid June and had a good finish to the month but has been horrific in his last few outings.

Ultimately what did him in this season was, well, just about everything, his WHIP is over two, he has allowed 11 hits per nine so far this season and his walk rate is sitting 7.8 walks per nine innings.

Santos has a six million dollar team option in 2015 with a 750 000 buyout.

2012    28 TOR  AL 0 1 .000 9.00  6  0  4  0   0  2  5.0  6  5  5  1  4   0  4   0  0  1  24   50 6.50 2.000 10.8 1.8 7.2  7.2        1.00
2013    29 TOR  AL 1 1 .500 1.75 29  0  6  0   0  1 25.2 11  5  5  1  4   2 28   0  0  1  90  240 1.84 0.584  3.9 0.4 1.4  9.8        7.00
2014    30 TOR  AL 0 2 .000 7.78 24  0 13  0   0  5 19.2 24 18 17  3 17   2 26   0  0  4  97   54 5.07 2.085 11.0 1.4 7.8 11.9        1.53
TOR (3 yrs)        1 4 .200 4.83 59  0 23  0   0  8 50.1 41 28 27  5 25   4 58   0  0  6 211   87 3.57 1.311  7.3 0.9 4.5 10.4        2.32

Payroll Parameters

Well, I guess it shouldn’t have come as a huge shock to most, I mean we did hear about “deferral gate” back when the season started, it just seemed more like a slap in the face to a fan base of a team that is in contention for a division title.

But there seems to be a little more to Rogers telling Alex Anthopoulos that money can’t be added to payroll. The Toronto Star is reporting that Rogers as well as Jon Bon Jovi and Larry Tanenbaum is looking at bidding to buy the Buffalo Bills.

I guess that shouldn’t come as a shocker either. Rogers has shown interest in trying to get Toronto an NFL team for years. They had the agreement to play one regular season a year in Toronto up until last season when they took a hiatus from the deal.

I guess the better question to ask is, between this news of Rogers looking to buy the Bills and the crapload of money they paid the NHL for TV rights, have the Jays become a financial afterthought to Rogers?

I would guess that answer would be no only because payroll is currently north of 130 million on the season. Also hearing Paul Beeston say at the beginning of the season that Rogers has never said no when they’ve asked for money. I get the feeling that might be a load of crap just to appease fans.

You can’t tell your fan base two seasons ago that your going all in, and then when your team is in contention that you’re pulling in the purse strings it doesn’t exactly send a warm and fuzzy feeling about the current state of ownership.

Let’s look at it this way, the Blue Jays are four games out of first place in an extremely winnable division, If Rogers isn’t willing to throw a little money AA’s way to help fill a hole or two now, then when are they going to do it? All the fans want is to know that the ownership of the team is trying there best to win. It sure doesn’t look that way now with the team as close as they are and Rogers giving off the message that they are tying AA’s hands.

At some point Rogers has to look at the potential PR disaster that this is going to have, why should the fan base bother to spend money on the Blue Jays and buy tickets to show up to games when it’s clear that ownership doesn’t truly give a shit about whether or not the Blue Jays are a winner.

2013 if anything should have sent the message that if you at least try to build a winner and bring guys in to help that the fans will spend their money on the Jays. This year attendance is down, and you can quite easily trace it back to the past off-season when ownership didn’t give AA the money to help the team and the only major move was signing Dioner Navarro, yeah, lets rush out and buy tickets for that.

I’m sure there is also a connection to the fact that Rogers had a change at the top. The former CEO Nadir Mohamed was in charge he was very supportive of the Blue Jays and was the man who signed off on the money spending off-season of 2012. Enter new CEO Guy Laurence who in the past has been has been known as a budget slasher and well, wouldn’t you know it looks like that’s what the Jays could be facing in the off-season as well.

Like I said earlier the message ownership is sending is a bad one and the fact that Rogers owns the team and stadium it’ safe to say we’re stuck with Rogers as an ownership group for the foreseeable future.

Maybe someday AA will have a tell all book about his time with the Jays, I’m sure there would be some really good stories on just how tight this ownership has gotten when it comes to money.

The Early Wednesday Morning Notebook


The American League won the All-Star game Tuesday night 5-3. It was a good game, there was some good pitching, some nice defence and some timely hitting. Mike Trout won the MVP, but after the game Derek Jeter was all the talking heads were talking about.

On a Blue Jays note, Jose Bautista went 0 for 2 at the plate and Mark Buehrle didn’t make it into the game. Knowing that John Farrell was the AL manager it doesn’t overly surprise me. At least on the bright side it will be one less inning that Buehrle has to throw this year.

As for the regular season, it resumes on Friday when the Jays host the Texas Rangers. John Gibbons announced after Sunday’s game in Tampa on how the rotation would be set up to start the second half. R.A Dickey will start Friday, Marcus Stroman on Saturday, Mark Buehrle on Sunday. Drew Hutchison on Monday when the Jays open up a four game set with Boston, followed by J.A Happ.

Speaking of the schedule coming out of the Break, The Jays have a chance to make up some ground on the Orioles, The Jays have three vs Texas, four vs Boston, three in New York, three in Boston and four in Houston. Once that stretch is done the Jays host Baltimore for three. Out of those games only the Orioles are above 500.

The Orioles on the other hand, get to go out West for three in Oakland, three in LA against the Angels, four in Seattle, then they come home to play the Angels for three, and the Mariners for three games and then have a make-up game in Washington before the three game set with the Jays.

In other news, add another pitcher to the trade market as the Mets made it known that Bartolo Colon is available for the right price. Colon, 41, is 8-8 this season with a 3.99 ERA, 3.66 FIP, Colon is also under contract for next season when he is due 11 million. I know that the pitching has been good, but I think Colon would be a good addition if he could be had for the right price. His playoff experience would also be an added bonus for a team looking to break their 21-year-old playoff drought and with only Mark Buehrle and J.A Happ having past playoff experience.

The Monday Night Notebook


Our favourite Toronto “so-called” Media member is back at it again.

Even better, is who he says will be Gibby’s so-called replacement.

Yes, ladies and gentleman no one other than Marty York. The man has been fired from just about every job he’s ever had, and about the only thing he knows anything about it the CFL, and thank God TSN quit letting him on their set since the late nineties.

In case you’ve lost count, this is the seventh time since the start of last season that ol Marty has tweeted such nonsense.

In fact the best response to Marty’s tweet was the Fan 590’s Andrew Walker who had this wonderful tweet.

Andrew Walker 1, Marty 0

Stick to the CFL Marty. It’s obvious that who ever your sources are within the Jays either don’t exist or are full of crap.

Speaking of more media members that would be better off not saying anything at all.

ESPN’s Max Kellerman, who I am guessing was watching the Home Run Derby, decided to take another shot at Jose Bautista accusing him of cheating. This isn’t the first time it’s happened to Bautista, the National Baseball media in the US have said stuff like that since Bautista’s break out season in 2010.

The other thing that bugs me is guys like David Ortiz and Nelson Cruz who have PED histories, the National writers and analysts look the other way and pretty much give them a pass and in Ortiz case treat him like a hero. But yet guys like Bautista gets looked at with suspicion.

Here’s one thing that everyone should remember. Bautista has NEVER failed a test.

The Blue Jays made an acquisition on Monday. No, it wasn’t a big name, and no it wasn’t anyone that will actually play for the Blue Jays this year. The Blue Jays picked up Brett Wallace from the Baltimore for cash considerations. Wallace will go to Buffalo to take Dan Johnson’s place on the Bison’s roster.

Wallace who the Blue Jays acquired from Oakland in December of 2009, was dealt to the Houston Astros for Anthony Gose in 2010.

Wallace in 1077 career plate appearances has hit 242/313/391. Wallace was released from the Astros this Spring before signed with the Baltimore Orioles. Wallace has spent this season playing for the Orioles Triple A affiliate Norfolk.

Jays Twitter-verse Wants Gregg Zaun As Jays’ Manager?

Getty Images

Getty Images

As the Blue Jays ten game road trip continues to go south there seems to be a group of fans that keep calling for Gregg Zaun to manage the Blue Jays.

One tweeter even went as far as to ask Zaun if he would consider the job if offered.

Can we please just stop with all of this talk?

First off John Gibbons has done a fine job with what he’s had to work with, all things considered. Secondly Gibby is under contract for next season as well. Third, even Gregg Zaun couldn’t do any better with this team.

The biggest reason the pro Zaun crowd seems to like him is that he would be a good motivator, insightful and knowledgeable.

I think the pro Zaun crowd probably subscribe to Damien Cox’s theory that a manager in baseball has the same effect as a head coach does in hockey. Sadly Cox is wrong on this matter, Manager’s biggest thing is managing the bullpen. Gibby has shown that he can run the bullpen effectively, it’s not his fault that the pen has struggled at times this year. In hockey, the whole rah-rah approach that some Jays fans want in a manager works, It won’t in baseball, in fact it would be a complete nightmare.

A baseball season is a marathon that has many ups and downs, a manager needs to stay even keeled throughout the season and not let the highs get to high and not let the lows get to low.

As for some of the stuff Zaun has said this year, well, uh, it would be a train wreck.

How many times has Zaun said that Adam Lind is the teams best hitter and should be playing everyday. I would have thought that as an analyst Zaun would notice that Lind can’t hit lefties and should only play against right handers. I’m sure not everything would be a disaster, but he also said in Spring Training that if Brett Lawrie failed to hit 30 home runs that the Jays should trade him because third base is a power hitting position.

You know Gregg, your right, third base was a power position back when you played, oh yeah right, that was the steroid era. Times have changed.

Zaun is to old-school, and has been openly critical of Alex Anthopoulos for not having played and being too much in Sabermetrics. Zaun shared his thoughts on AA to the Fan 590 back at the end of 2012, which was picked up by The Globe and Mail reporter Bruce Dowbiggon

“He’s a sabermetrician, a bean counter… and now he’s making baseball decisions. He hasn’t been in [the clubhouse] as a player or a coach. I’m cutting him some slack… What I’ve been watching is guys making idiot mistakes trying to run to third base on a ball hit in front of them, trying to do things they can’t do… then using the excuse of a consequence-free environment.” Zaun was reported as saying.

Not exactly something that you would say if you want a manager’s gig. Lot’s of General Managers don’t have playing experience these days and most do embrace the new age metrics available. Zaun shows his lack of depth when he riles off stats during his analysis, he rings of old school stats, when most of the analysts now are using the newer metrics available, because the more information you have about a player the better prepared you can be going into a game situation.

Seriously though, to the people that really think that Zaun could do better, just stop.

Zaun is an analyst and hopefully never sets foot in the manager’s chair.

Blue Jays 8 Tampa Bay 5; Post Game Thoughts

AP / Mike Carlson

AP / Mike Carlson


It wasn’t the prettiest of outings for Mark Buehrle but in the end he exited the game with a 5-2 lead and what should have been 11th win of the season. Unfortunately Dustin McGowan couldn’t make the lead stick as he came on with two out in the bottom of the seventh and promptly walked the first two batters he faced before serving up a three run homer to Sean Rodriguez. McGowan would walk one more batter before being replaced by Aaron Loup who got the Jays out of the inning. Loup would work a scoreless eighth before the Jays could score three runs in the top of the ninth, the big blow was Steve Tolleson’s two run single off Grant Balfour. Casey Janssen would come in and work a three-up three-down ninth for his 14th save of the season.

Speaking of the Jays’ bullpen, Ken Rosenthal tweeted out Friday that the Blue Jays are interested in the Rangers Joakim Soria, but are also looking internally at the possibility of bringing up Aaron Sanchez and letting him work out of the pen. Rosenthal also tweeted later that Daniel Norris could also be a bullpen option for the Blue Jays. Regardless of which way they decide, the Blue Jays could really use some bullpen help. Dustin McGowan hasn’t been really spot on lately and as Kyle Matte at Drunk Jays Fans pointed out last week were the Jays playing with fire when it came to McGowan. Matte goes on to explain that even though McGowan’s numbers looked good, if you looked deeper into his numbers you would see that his strikeout rate was way down and his strand rate and BABIP numbers were totally unsustainable. The more time goes on I think Matte was onto something even if he was looking at a rather small sample size at the time.

The Blue Jays injuries also piled up Friday night as they lost both Nolan Reimold and Munenori Kawasaki to injuries, Kawasaki to right hamstring tightness and Reimold to a left calf strain. Both were listed as day-to-day.

On the bright side, Alex Anthopoulos, who is in Tampa Bay this weekend, said after the game Friday night that Adam Lind could be back to baseball activities in two to three weeks, so that’s good news for the Blue Jays as they try to stay afloat in the AL East till they get some of their players back and healthy again. AA also commented on the whole storm caused by Lind’s comment about his mom telling him to get a MRI, calling it a non-story. So I suppose Jeff Blair’s supposed sources within the team being pissed at Lind were just a way to give him something to talk about. It also seems like the bridge burning comment was also based on falsities.

The Blue Jays announced Friday night that they are skipping J.A Happ in the rotation on Sunday and starting R.A Dickey on regular rest on Sunday. I guess when things have been as dire as they have been lately you do what ever you can to try to help yourself as a team.

The Blue Jays might also not have to face David Price this weekend after all. Price was sent home sick on Friday and scratched from his Saturday start and may not start on Sunday, advantage Blue Jays now.

With AA in Tampa let the conspiracy theorists begin with Price being scratched from his start. Personally if Price is moved I believe it will be closer to the deadline and not at the All-Star break.

The Blue Jays send Drew Hutchison to the mound Saturday afternoon against the Rays Jake Odorizzi. First pitch goes at 4:10 pm.

Looking To Add Writers/Bloggers

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Here at Blue Jay Musings we are looking to add Writers/Bloggers to the site. You don’t need to have any previous experience writing or blogging. We just need you to be passionate about the Blue Jays.

We don’t look for everyday posts, post when you feel like it, although we do ask for two to three posts a month minimum.

If your interested in joining the site as a writer or blogger email ne at or send me a message on twitter @sethsthoughts

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The Wednesday Night Notebook

Getty Images

Getty Images


The Jays dropped the finale of their three game set with the Angels 8-7, it was a game where again the offence got on base as they had 12 hits, but they couldn’t cash in on enough of their opportunities as the Jays stranded 12 runners.

The Blue Jays move on to Tampa Bay where they close out the first half with a three game set with the Rays. Winning a series at the Trop could go a long ways for this battered bunch as they limp into the break.


Less than a week after getting hosed on a call at the plate, the Blue Jays had it happen again when Jose Reyes wasn’t tagged as he came to the plate. Reyes advanced from third when C.J Cron’s throw from first missed third base, only problem was is that instead of going out towards left field it bounced off the wall right to Erick Aybar who threw to home where Hank Conger appeared to miss Reyes with the tag. Had Reyes slid into home it’s probably not even close. John Gibbons went out to challenge the play and it came back as inconclusive. Once again replay gets it wrong. It’s time to get rid of it until they can properly do it. Remember the reason they have it in the first place is to get the calls right and they haven’t been able to do that lately. Gibby did let his frustrations be known that he was more frustrated that Melky Cabrera didn’t tell Reyes to slide and that it cost a run.

The biggest news came after the game when news broke that Adam Lind will miss the next six to eight weeks with a fractured foot. Lind is headed to Charlotte to seek a second opinion Lind originally injured the foot when he fouled a ball off of the foot, at the time the Jays diagnosed it as a bone bruise and told Lind that playing on it wouldn’t aggravate it any worse. After it wasn’t getting any better his mother urged him to get an MRI on his foot, It was after the MRI that the fracture was discovered.

So, yeah, 2014 is slowly starting to morph into the last two season injuries wise. But it does beg the question, what the hell is the Blue Jays training staff doing? Shouldn’t they have sought a MRI when it was apparent that the injury wasn’t getting any better? I’m sure playing through it made it worse, he did foul a ball off that same foot Thursday night in Oakland and did not look right trying to run down a foul ball. It was clear to most that something wasn’t right.

So now with Lind out till most likely September, expect to see Dan Johnson get the call to take Lind’s spot on the roster. Johnson, 34, has hit 251/405/479 in Buffalo this season with 17 HR and 54 RBI in 92 games.

As has been written just about anywhere lately, with the team struggling to battle through the injuries, there is an urgency for Alex Anthopoulos to make a move to help the team out and now with the news of Lind’s injury that urgency is sure to be ratcheted up over the next few weeks as the trade deadline gets closer. The Yankees got the bad news that Masahiro Tanaka went on the DL with elbow inflammation. If he is out long-term it turns the East into a two team race with the Orioles and the Blue Jays.

As for the trade rumours involving the Jays, they have seemed to die down after there were rumours on Monday that a Chase Headley deal was close, but nothing did happen. Today it came out that the Padres had asked for Aaron Sanchez, Daniel Norris and Dalton Pompey. I would think that AA would balk at that asking price. I know that playing on turf would not help Headley’s back issues that have plagued him this season.

In reality I wouldn’t be overly surprised if AA’s next move wasn’t off the waiver wire, Alfonso Soriano might be a bat that could maybe help the Blue Jays down the stretch, I know his numbers stink so far this season, but maybe a change of scenery wouldn’t hurt and it would be a low risk move to try to help the roster till Brett Lawrie and Edwin Encarnacion return from their injuires.

The Food Banks of Canada put out a notice on their Facebook page looking for help during the Lady Jays food drive August 8-10.


If you are a Toronto Blue Jays fan or just enjoy meeting new people while helping a great cause – we’re looking for you! We have a great event coming up and we’re looking for volunteers – and you can bring your friends and family!

We’re excited to announce that the LADY JAYS (the wives and partners of the Toronto Blue Jays) are hosting their annual Lady Jays Food Drive – in support of those in need in the Toronto area and across Canada.

We are looking for volunteers who would like to come and help out at this fun food drive, during the weekend of the Toronto Blue Jays home game against the Detroit Tigers.

Location: Rogers Centre, Toronto
Date: Friday August 8th, Saturday August 9th and Sunday August 10th
Time: during the few hours preceding the Toronto Blue Jays games

Volunteers will be positioned at different gates at the Rogers Centre selling mystery bags with Blue Jays paraphernalia and collecting food and funds from fans who are attending the game. There will be the Lady Jays to help out and volunteer with us at each gate!

This event is always a lot of fun and a great way to spend the day. For more details on this volunteer opportunity e-mail Lauren at

I’ve been told that each volunteer gets a ticket to the game. It’s a great way to help a great cause and give back to the community.

Cole Gillespie To The DL, Jays Recall Kratz



After the Blue Jays 4-0 win on Tuesday night the Blue Jays announced that recent waiver claim outfielder Cole Gillespie is headed to the DL with a strained oblique. Gillespie suffered the injury in pre-game warm-ups on Tuesday. Gillespie had told reporters prior to the game on Tuesday that he was hopeful of not landing on the DL.

To take Gillespie’s spot on the Roster the Blue Jays have recalled catcher Erik Kratz, Kratz has appeared in 30 games this season for the Blue Jays hitting 222/254/382 with 3 home runs and 10 runs batted in. The best guess is that Kratz could be used as a platoon partner at DH for Adam Lind and maybe become J.A Happ’s personal catcher again.

Gillespie has only appeared in one game for the Blue Jays since being claimed off waivers from Seattle on Saturday.

Frustration and Urgency Mounting For The Blue Jays’

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

It was just over a month ago that the Blue Jays record sat at 38-24 and the Blue Jays held a six game lead in the American League East.

A little over a month later, the Blue Jays, who have found themselves in a free fall thanks to the offence drying up and injuries, are now only three games over 500 and are currently three back in the East after a 9-20 stretch.

Urgency and panic are starting to set in with some in the fan base, yes there is a need for urgency as this season keeps looking like it could slide into an abyss, but I’m not quite to the panic stage yet.

More like frustration, which is clearly starting to show, first with Jose Bautista and his unloading on the replay system Saturday night and last night John Gibbons who when asked if he saw a light at the end of the tunnel responded “No’. Gibbons has tried just about everything to get this offence going. It’s not easy when you lose Brett Lawrie and Edwin Encarnacion, but there are others in this line-up that are capable of producing and those players need to step up and produce and help the Jays get thru this stretch. The pitcher shouldn’t feel like they have to pitch a shut-out every night, but with this offence’s recent downturn you can’t blame them if that’s the way they feel.

As for the offence so far on this road trip, the last time the Blue Jays scored two runs or less in a five game stretch was August 30-September 3, 1996.

Gibbons’ post game comments could be a way of saying to Alex Anthopoulos that this team need help now and that waiting till the trade deadline could be too late. Lets face it, they can only hang on so long with Darrin Mastroianni, Cole Gilespie and Steve Tolleson at the bottom of the line-uo every day. The team needs help, not much, but someone that can handle second base and be competent handling a bat.

As many have said during this stretch, You’re never as bad as you look when things are bad and you’re never as good as you look when your going good. It’s a good saying to live by. But I also can see where the urgency and frustration is coming from.

Alex Anthopoulos, the urgency to do something to help this team is now, Let’s get something done.


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